Welcome to our 2nd Day of our Gift Guide, all related to FOOD and BEVERAGE!

We’re excited for you to discover new businesses and products you might not have encountered before. Feel free to explore and try them out! Whether you’re looking for ideal gifts for others or treats for yourself, each listing will link you to their site using the title, image, or business name.

We are doing 8 days of posts with 8 different categories. Each post/ category will also feature a giveaway from one or more of the highlighted businesses. To enter each one, you can comment on the blog post, or share our linked post on Facebook or Instagram! We will do the drawings for ALL posts on 12/10/23 in the evening.

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Indulge in deliciousness at Amazing Grazing! Amazing Grazing is not just about cheese and crackers; their about taking your snacking game to a whole new level! Each board includes a  a variety of delicious flavors–join in on this flavor journey and experience the magic of locally arranged delights. From casual hangouts to special celebrations, Amazing Grazing’s boards is your key to snack paradise! Dive into deliciousness today and let the snacking adventure begin!



Get ready to begin your flavor journey at Neat & Sweet! Enjoy delicious cocktails and tasty bites, featuring shareable charcuterie, divine chocolate fondue, and irresistible butter boards. Or, come join for a pre-Scratch sip or a cozy date night – the lounge is your ultimate chill spot! This is the perfect relaxation place to be, so stop by to sink into their cushy leather couches with a drink or kick back on their outdoor patio with a glass of wine for an unforgettable night!



Indulge in a cookie frenzy like no other at Crumbl – the ultimate destination for all cookie and sugar fans! Picture this: warm, gooey, and delicious cookies that’ll make your taste buds go crazy! From classic favorites like chocolate chip and sugar cookies, to exclusive specials like the cosmic brownie and raspberry cheesecake – each bite will leave you wanting for more! Stop by today to join the cookie craze and take a bite into happiness at Crumbl Cookies!



Are you ready to dive into a world of exciting flavors and craft brews? Look no further than TapStation, the ultimate spot for a deliciously good time! Located at 320 S Salem St in Apex, NC, come on in and try their yummy tacos and mouthwatering bites while sipping on some of their unique craft beers on tap. From classic brews to local favorites, TapStation has so much to offer. Whether you’re here for a quick bite, a chill hangout, or an evening with friends, treat yourself to a variety of tastes and brews that’ll have you coming back for more!



Craving a cozy spot to unwind and  in heavenly treats? Then you MUST stop by Common Grounds, your go-to destination for a caffeine fix and delicious sweets! Whether you’re looking for a place to get some work done, or a catching up with your friends on a coffee break, this spot in Apex promises a welcoming experience you’ll for sure love. Come join the coffee and dessert haven at Common Grounds in Apex, NC, and treat yourself to a tasty, sweet escape!



Since Kwench Juice Cafe opened at 772 W Williams St in Apex, NC, there has been a dedicated following. They offer fresh squeezed and blended juices and smoothies, and more goodies like energy balls and acai bowls. Everything is natural and they don’t use any fillers. Perfect for someone on the go who wants to drink their lunch, Kwench is a great place to stop for a quick boost. Stop in and grab a gift card for your local juice lovers!


Apex Cheesecakes

Crumb n Cream

YUM YUM YUM! These are two of my favorite bakeries in the area. They specialize in something different, but are both great for a simple treat or for special celebrations. Apex Cheesecakes is just what’s in the name- cheesecakes. All kinds! No brick and mortar store yet, but just reach out to him online or social media for an order. Crumb n Cream has had their stationary trailer spot in Apex for a year now, and is open for on demand delights.



This is a gem many probably don’t know about right here in Holly Springs, NC! Who loves a good cocktail? If so, you have probably heard of bitters, the added ingredient in a lot of drinks that give it a unique spin. Remedy Cocktail Company makes artisan quality flavors of bitters for use in cocktails, coffee, or even baking! Bitters are non-alcoholic, but can bring out more from the liquors they are paired with. Currently, Remedy offers well over 20 different flavors, and if you go to their website they have recipes and other ideas. Grab some sampler packs for gift baskets, or go all in on some special flavors for a special recipient. Oh, and go ahead and throw some in the cart for yourself!


Oh chicken salad, let me sing they song. Yummmmmmmm. Are you or someone you know an avid chicken salad lover? Have you tried Chicken Salad Chick in Waverly Place in Cary, NC? They have a dozen different flavors of chicken salad plus egg salad, pimiento cheese, and more. Grab a gift card for the chicken salad lover in your life. Like NOW! GO!


OK, so what do you get for the person who has everything that will always be well-received? CHOCOLATE of course! Ferawyn’s at 652 Holly Springs Rd in Holly Springs, NC. They are a certified gluten free bakery and chocolatier. And their chocolates are works of ART! From simple bites and truffles, to animal and whimsical shapes, there is something amazing for anyone. And don’t miss the hot chocolate which comes in milk, dark, or white varieties!



Fresh. Local Ice Cream

Kilwin’s Apex

Bee Sweet Creamery


Finally, another crowd pleaser as a gift, just at home, or to bring to the partay! ICE CREAM! There are now THREE wonderful shops in Downtown Apex: Fresh Local, Kilwin’s (also featuring chocolate and fudge), and Bee Sweet Creamery (for the BEST soft serve you’ve ever had). All have their own devoted followers, and all offer amazing flavor selections. There is never too much ice cream! And if you are in the market for gelato, there’s Common Grounds down the block!


There you have it- my top picks with local businesses for FOOD & BEVERAGE. 

This GIVEAWAY includes: A KWENCH gift card, a FERAWYNS gift card, and a Sampler pack from REMEDY COCKTAIL CO!

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Tomorrow’s list will be the HOME category!