As we collaborate and connect with so many great small businesses in the Apex area, we’re thrilled to spotlight our favorites that are ideal for holiday gifts or any occasion! We aim to introduce you to businesses and products that might be new to you, providing an opportunity to explore and experience them. Some of these options are perfect for gifting to others, while others cater wonderfully for you! Remember, self-care is IMPORTANT!! Feel free to click on the title of each business to visit their respective sites.

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Trust the expertise of orthodontic specialist Dr. Edward Altherr for enduring, beautiful smiles! Located at 1011 West Williams Street, Suite 101 in Apex, NC, Altherr Orthodontics provides top-notch care and service customized for you and your family in an inviting and supporting atmosphere. With such precision and commitment to dedicated to each patient, you’re sure to strut out after your appointment feeling confident and content as ever! Book your appointment today to start your journey towards an everlasting, beautiful smile!


Dr. Amy Alena, Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Doctor, is the owner and practitioner of this wellness practice located at 1148 Executive Circle, Suite 3
Cary, 27511. Using ancient Eastern and Chinese medicine, Dr. Alena provides superb acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, and functional medicine services. Acupuncture and Functional Medicine treat a variety of issues: chronic pain, anxiety, depression, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. For those who have never tried acupuncture, it can be intimidating, but Dr. Alena will make anyone feel at ease. The best way to get started is to book an initial visit where Dr. Alena will go through a thorough evaluation about your health! Thinking it may be a good fit for a loved one? Contact Dr. Alena to discuss options.



Here’s a must-visit dental gem! Located at 1021 W. Williams Street, Suite 101 in Apex, NC 27502, Apex Dental Group dedicates itself to not just enhancing smiles but also creating an atmosphere where every patient feels esteemed, listened to, and genuinely cared for. The evident dedication to providing outstanding dental care and genuine service is what earns this establishment its trustworthiness and respect. Whether it’s a restorative, cosmetic, or routine checkup appointment, Apex Dental Group is your go-to destination! Book a visit today to achieve the smile results you desire!


Pet wellness is important too! Looking for a spot that prioritizes exemplary care for your pet? Look no further than Peak City Vet! Located at 1480 Chapel Ridge Rd, Suite 103 in Apex, NC, Peak City Vet assures your pet will receive dedicated, top-tier service tailored to their unique needs. With a foundation based on the values of Care, Compassion, and Community, Peak City Vet goes beyond offering expert veterinary services, focusing on creating connections among neighbors and clients. Not only do they  honor their role within the local community and actively contributing to the positive impact on Apex and its neighboring areas. Whether you’re coming in for a checkup, surgery, chiropractic care, or dental services for your pet, rest assured that at Peak City Vet, you are guaranteed in good hands!


Have you heard of the BEMER??? I hadn’t either, until I met Marcie Johnson, of Holly Springs, NC. She can explain it better than I, but basically it is a mat that lays on a chair or bed that you sit or lay on for a few minutes a day to greatly improve blood circulation in your body. It also comes with attachments that can target smaller acute spots like your gut or a pain point. All disease and health problems stem from inflammation somewhere in the body. Inflammation can be greatly decreased by having better, more efficient blood flow. Ever feel that tingling sensation randomly in a body part? You need better circulation! Marcie and other friends who use the Bemer have made amazing improvements in their health and their doctors are amazed. It is pricey, but an investment in long term health. Contact Marcie to learn how you can try out a Bemer for a couple weeks or more before buying one. Have a loved one who has “tried everything” for a health ailment? Gift them a couple weeks with a Bemer and see if it helps!


Jump start your kids to a healthy smile by making their appointment today at Little Tooth Co—where dental visits turn into adventures, and every smile shines like a precious gem! Their mission is straightforward: to make dental care enjoyable for kids and stress-free for parents. Treating all children from infancy to adulthood as if they were their own, Little Tooth promises the utmost standard of care through personalized, cutting-edge approaches, clinical expertise, and empathetic sensitivity. Start your kid’s journey to a perfect smile today with Little Tooth Co and witness smiles shine brighter than ever before!



Get ready to rock your smile game like never before with Fritz & Wilson Orthodontics! Visit them at 363 Village Walk Dr in Holly Springs, NC to get your smile looking better as ever! Fritz & WIlson Orthodontics delivers exceptional care to each patient within a delightful atmosphere, ensuring every result brings contentment and pride to patients as part of their their practice. Schedule your appointment today to say goodbye to your old smile and say hello to a journey filled with confidence, beauty, and absolute perfection!



Does your family eat enough fruits and veggies? Most likely not! Did you know the FDA recommends we eat like 9 servings a day!!! Do you? I know, I don’t. Juice Plus helps bridge the gap. It is not a magic pill. It is simply pure fruits and vegetables in a capsule or gummy that you take daily to supplement your diet. Obviously, you are still encouraged to eat as healthy as possible but this can help no matter where you are on a nutrition journey. It can improve your immunity, and much more. It has countless research studies. Contact my friend and Juice Plus guru, Gay Purvis of Cary, NC, to learn more. They also have protein powders, and more, all plant based. They also have TOWER GARDENS so you can easily grow your own produce inside or out. A tower garden or subscription to Juice Plus would make a great gift!


This place has become an obsession for me. I feel it when I haven’t gone in a while. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, located at 2034 Creekside Landing Dr in Apex, NC, is a spa-like business that pumps you full of micronutrients, hydration, and pampers you at the same time! I am a huge fan. Initially, I tried it last year to get over the residual energy lows and brain fog from having Covid. It worked immediately to get me back to normal. Since then, I have been going twice a month and trying different IV formulations for immunity, energy, weight loss, and more. They also offer a la carte injections of things like B-12 and Vitamin D to boost you even more. And the MASSAGE CHAIRS. The chairs you get to sit in while getting your IV treatment are amazing. I have never felt anything like them. I highly recommend getting an introductory visit or membership for yourself or a loved one.


You may think this should have gone into the coming “Pampering” list, but I disagree. Serasana (which means to be healthy), is a wonderful spa at 116 Bass Lake Rd in Holly Springs, NC. They offer various services but my favorites are massage therapy and facials. Though these can seem indulgent, they are definitely great for your body and self care. Schedule an appointment for yourself with one of their talented massage therapists or estheticians, or grab a gift card for a loved one. You won’t regret it!


Forget quick fixes! Welcome to the wonderful world of Blissful Lifestyle Medicine and Dr. Alicia Chitanand—where they uncover what truly matters to your well-being by exploring the depths of your health concerns and guide you on a customized journey to wellness. Located at 1600 Olive Chapel Rd Suite 124 in Apex, NC, Blissful Lifestyle Medicine is all about going beyond the basics. Make your appointment today for a healthcare experience that’s all about discovering the hidden gems to your health!


Imagine stepping into a world where tranquility reigns and your well-being takes center stage. That’s exactly what Your CBD Store of Cary is all about—a place where the power of CBD meets a safe space that is dedicated to your health journey. From soothing balms to delectable gummies, Your CBD Store of Cary is filled with goodies to enhance and elevate your daily wellness routine. Located at 3450 Kildaire Farm Rd in Cary, NC, come take a visit today to sprinkle a little bit of CBD magic in your life!



Ever feel that urge for a fresh start? Ready to navigate toward the life you truly desire? Claudia Rickard is your guide to this transformation! She’s not your stereotypical hypnotist; think of her as your mind’s best friend, here to help you tap into the incredible power of your subconscious. Claudia makes hypnosis an enjoyable experience. Her sessions aren’t just about change—they’re about discovery, growth, and a little bit of magic. So, if you’re ready to begin your journey toward unlocking your full potential, work with Claudia Rickard Hypnosis! It’s time to rewrite the script of your life and open up your mind’s incredible capabilities.


Find your home at Lucky Elephant—a fusion of yoga and adventure where each stretch unfolds a path to peace and serenity! Lucky Elephant Yoga isn’t just about poses; it’s a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul exploration. Imagine a place where each breath is a fresh start, and every posture leads you on a journey of self-discovery. Picture cozy gatherings, workshops to enhance your practice, and events that help find support and tranquility. Roll out your mats and invite a little bit of peace into your life, one breath at a time!


There you have it- my top picks with local businesses for WELLNESS!


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