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Are you a Fit?

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What is the Positively Apex program?

Positively Apex is a social engagement program that consists of many aspects to include residents of the community at large as well as our local preferred business partners. 


How does it work, and what all is included for business partners?

We pride ourselves on providing a community engagement platform unlike anything else in the area. We interview our business partners to see if it is a mutual fit to recommend them to our community residents. Once a part of the program, our business partners get some things monthly, and other opportunities as they come up and they want to participate. These include an ad in our monthly Apex community magazine, an online ad targeted at the Apex community, featured articles, graphics assistance, event opportunities, social media collaborations, listing on our Positively Apex and magazine websites, and whatever else we can dream up! Leslie acts as your personal concierge to engage your marketing efforts in the Apex community.



Do I have to be an Apex resident to participate as a business partner?

Short answer: NO



How does my business become a partner?

Contact Leslie to set up a time to meet and chat to learn about your business, and how the program works. If it is a mutual fit, rates will be discussed based on your needs and preferences.



Where can I find rates to participate as a business partner?

We don’t share our rates without chatting about your business and needs first. We have so many different variables that affect the monthly rate, like length of term, size of ads, placement of ads, etc so we want to figure out a customized plan for your business. Our rates range from about $300 a month to $1000 a month.



How do I submit ideas, articles, photos, etc for the magazine as a resident?

If you live in the West Apex, Friendship, or New Hill area we want to feature you, your family, pets, kids, homes, yards, whatever! The magazine is yours to tell your stories! We welcome all story ideas, pictures, and anything else you want to submit for consideration in the next available issue!



How do I become involved as staff or as a volunteer?

We love getting community residents involved in our magazine and program! As we grow, we will have more paid staff opportunities for our magazine, events, social media, and more. If you are interested in helping in any way- especially writing assignments, please contact Leslie to chat. Even kids can help!



How do I host an event for Positively Apex?

Contact Leslie with your proposal for an event. Our events range from small intimate events to large festivals. We try to use our business partners when possible, but we also strive to have fun and provide unique experiences for the community!



What kind of events do you host?

We have all types of events in the community- from small intimate gatherings to large outdoor festivals. We do community nights at local restaurants, wine tastings, ladies nights, activities like escape rooms, and more. We also love to do larger festivals where there is a local fundraising endeavor.



Can I participate in an event as a business, even without partnering in the program?

yes and no… our smaller events are limited to sponsorship by our preferred partners, but our larger events may have an opportunity to pay for a booth as an outside business. Our events are generally open to the public to attend from a social perspective! 



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