Since we work with and network with so many great small businesses in the Apex area, we wanted to share our favorites that would make great gifts for the holidays or really anytime! We hope you learn about some businesses and products you weren’t aware of, and can try them out! Some of these are great gifts for others, while some are great gifts for YOURSELF! Self care is IMPORTANT. Each listing should be linked from the title and image if you want to go to one of the sites.

We will have 8 days of posts with 8 different categories. Each post/ category will also feature a giveaway from one or more of the highlighted businesses. To enter each one, you can comment on the blog post, or share our linked post on Facebook or Instagram! We will do the drawings for ALL posts on 12/20/22 in the evening.

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This wonderful salon at 2988 Kildaire Farm Rd in Cary, NC offers much more than organic haircare (though that is awesome too)! They also feature 4 infrared saunas by brand Sunlighten. Each sauna is housed in it’s own private room for ultimate privacy and relaxation. If you have never tried an infrared sauna, you are missing out. Infrared saunas use light as the main tool. Different settings and different colors of light are available to target specific concerns, whether it be simple relaxation or something more acute like pain! You may sweat some, but I think of it more as glistening. It doesn’t get nearly as hot as a traditional sauna. You can even take in your laptop and work while you’re in it! They also have a tablet with access to streaming video and music. Make an appointment for an individual session, join as a member, or get a gift card for anyone you think would enjoy!



Doctor of Acupuncture Amy Alena, is the owner and practitioner of this wellness practice located inside Cary Integrative Health at 160 MacGregor Pines Dr Suite 301 in Cary, NC. Using ancient Eastern and Chinese medicine, Dr. Alena provides superb acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, and functional medicine services. Acupuncture and Functional Medicine treat a variety of issues: chronic pain, anxiety, depression, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. For those who have never tried acupuncture, it can be intimidating, but Dr. Alena will make anyone feel at ease. The best way to get started is to book an initial visit where Dr. Alena will go through a thorough evaluation about your health! Thinking it may be a good fit for a loved one? Contact Dr. Alena to discuss options.



Pelvic health is becoming more of a mainstream topic these days, especially with women who have had children. Though pelvic physical therapy is mainly used by women, all humans have a pelvis and a pelvic floor and can benefit from strengthening it! Dr. Amy Pannullo has a solo practice at 1071 Pemberton Hill Rd Suite 201 in Apex, NC. Because she is independent and private, she can tailor a patient’s treatment to them exclusively. Most think you can’t go to physical therapy without a referral from your primary care doctor, but that is not true. To see Dr. Pannullo, just contact her and get an appointment for an initial session. Depending on your body’s needs, she will come up with a plan! Remember, it is NOT normal to leak in between bathroom breaks. It is NOT normal to go to the bathroom more frequently than every 3 hours or so. It is NOT “just how your body is” or because “you have a small bladder”. You don’t have to live that way! If you have a loved one who complains of such issues, send them to Peak Pelvic Health!



Have your heard of the BEMER??? I hadn’t either, until I met Marcie Johnson, of Holly Springs, NC. She can explain it better than I, but basically it is a mat that lays on a chair or bed that you sit or lay on for a few minutes a day to greatly improve blood circulation in your body. It also comes with attachments that can target smaller acute spots like your gut or a pain point. All disease and health problems stem from inflammation somewhere in the body. Inflammation can be greatly decreased by having better, more efficient blood flow. Ever feel that tingling sensation randomly in a body part? You need better circulation! Marcie and other friends who use the Bemer have made amazing improvements in their health and their doctors are amazed. It is pricey, but an investment in long term health. Contact Marcie to learn how you can try out a Bemer for a couple weeks or more before buying one. Have a loved one who has “tried everything” for a health ailment? Gift them a couple weeks with a Bemer and see if it helps!



Do you practice yoga? Have you wanted to try it? Do you feel out of place at most yoga studios? Try a class at YogaSix at 5273 Sunset Lake Rd in Holly Springs, NC. This is a beautiful studio, that prides themselves on being welcoming and all-inclusive. Owners Tim and Sami Brown practice what they preach by practicing yoga themselves regularly. They have 6 different types of classes to choose from: 101, Slow Flow, Restore, Hot, Power, and Sculpt & Flow. Truly something for all! Join classes individually or become a member. Pick up a gift card for a loved one to join you!



Does your family eat enough fruits and veggies? Most likely not! Did you know the FDA recommends we eat like 9 servings a day!!! Do you? I know, I don’t. Juice Plus helps bridge the gap. It is not a magic pill. It is simply pure fruits and vegetables in a capsule or gummy that you take daily to supplement your diet. Obviously, you are still encouraged to eat as healthy as possible but this can help no matter where you are on a nutrition journey. It can improve your immunity, and much more. It has countless research studies. Contact my friend and Juice Plus guru, Gay Purvis of Cary, NC, to learn more. They also have protein powders, and more, all plant based. They also have TOWER GARDENS so you can easily grow your own produce inside or out. A tower garden or subscription to Juice Plus would make a great gift!



This is my newest health obsession. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, located at 2034 Creekside Landing Dr in Apex, NC, is a new addition to the community. I had never tried a “recreational” IV treatment before a couple of months ago, and I am a huge fan. Initially, I tried it to get over the residual energy lows and brain fog from having Covid. It worked immediately to get me back to normal. Since then, I have been going twice a month and trying different IV formulations for immunity, energy, weight loss, and more. They also offer a la carte injections of things like B-12 and Vitamin D to boost you even more. And the MASSAGE CHAIRS. The chairs you get to sit in while getting your IV treatment are amazing. I have never felt anything like them. I highly recommend getting an introductory visit or membership for yourself or a loved one.



You may think this should have gone into the coming “Pampering” list, but I disagree. Serasana (which means to be healthy), is a wonderful spa at 116 Bass Lake Rd in Holly Springs, NC. They offer various services but my favorites are massage therapy and facials. Though these can seem indulgent, they are definitely great for your body and self care. Schedule an appointment for yourself with one of their talented massage therapists or estheticians, or grab a gift card for a loved one. You won’t regret it!


There you have it- my top picks with local businesses for WELLNESS. 


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