We are excited to spotlight one of our digital business members, Serasana. Owner Claudia Klavon is a longtime friend of many Apex families and our magazine as the former admissions and marketing director for St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School! For years, she worked on her vision to own a business, and it came to fruition in 2020!

Claudia grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA, lived in Poughkeepsie, NY, for about 10 years, and has been in NC since 1991. She has three grown children – and two grandchildren!

Claudia thinks of this as Phase 3 of her career. She started out in an engineering job at IBM and was there for about 17 years. While there, she got an MBA and worked in various engineering, procurement and management roles. That was Phase 1. Phase 2 started when her kids were little – she needed a job that gave the opportunity to spend more time with them. St. Mary Magdalene School was just opening, and she knew the kids were going to attend there, so she decided to try to get a job there. She was hired as a part-time librarian and worked with an English teacher to set up the library. Her literature knowledge and Claudia’s computer knowledge fit perfectly together. After 10 years in the library, Claudia moved into the admissions and marketing role at the school.

On to Phase 3! In 2017, she knew that she had always wanted to open a spa. She really wanted to give other people that “aaahhh” feeling that she has when in a spa. Since corporate jobs did not feel like a fit, she investigated what it would take to open a spa. She really wanted to combine massage and yoga so she looked into franchises that offered both. Serasana was the only one! Claudia began discussions with them in March of 2018 and visited their locations in October of 2018. Once she saw them in person, she knew that it was the right fit. The lease was signed in Holly Springs in June of 2019 and Serasana opened in May of 2020! It is
the first North Carolina or even East Coast based location of the brand.

Serasana offers acupuncture, massage, and skincare as spa services. The mission is to help you be healthy. In fact that is what Serasana means – to be healthy. They also offer in-person yoga classes every day. Classes are limited to seven students so that everyone can be safely distanced. Rooms are deep cleaned between clients and have hepa-filter air purifiers in each room.

Serasana is unique – there is nothing like it anywhere around here. There are seven treatment rooms, a big yoga studio, and a tea bar offering 29 different types of organic teas as well as a variety of specialty drinks. They offer new concoctions often, and have monthly drink specials.

Claudia urges you to take time to take care of yourself. Massage can work wonders to help relieve those aching muscles that you get from working at the dining room table or office all day. Massage is often thought of as an indulgence, but regular massage can help with all kinds of chronic pain. They also have a proven acne treatment that can help teens and adults get control of their acne!

Recently, Serasana was voted Best Massage in Holly Springs! An amazing accomplishment for a small business.

Find Serasana at:
116 Bass Lake Rd., Holly Springs